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Friday, November 21, 2014

Declaration of Geekdom

    With all the hype in technology, it seems hard to believe, but humans
need a little development too. We are the technology, or rather, our understanding of the technologies enable them to be used. The most savvy, the most developed in these uses of technology are referred to as the geeks.

   I am one of these elite. I strive daily to understand where we are going in terms of technology and what we can do with it. Whenever the movement in technology is open, as it is starting to become, the geeks become the guidebook in what can be done with it.

    More importantly, when we connect, when we share, when we develop new things together, as a geekdom, then these things take a life of their own. This is the root of the open software, and the open hardware movements. This is the start of the maker movement, and without community, we cannot keep its ideals of openness, and collaboration.

   We must not be too guarded. We belong to the geekdom, and this is a community of friends and kindred spirits.

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