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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Adepts from Manufacturing Welcome

Updated: The plan outlined below will have significant delays that will forestall it as much as a decade (or more) from this point. Resources in time, expertise, and money are significant factors in this delay.

   I have hatched a plan to help manufacturing workers that are displaced by the growth in automation. The first phase will involve an Indiegogo campaign to raise one million dollars. With this money I will start a small research and development facility in an area starting to see declines in manufacturing. In many areas low participation in the area in full automation actually cause job losses, as what jobs are available in many areas in manufacturing will soon be lost to other areas with new full automation facilities.

   There will be a decline in manufacturing employment nationwide. New jobs will pay less. Automation will make the facilities require less labor overall, with competition overseas further lowering the employment in this sector. Over 9 million people in the United States currently work in manufacturing. As the job market changes a failure to adapt will be disastrous not only to these individuals and their families but to the markets that these individuals contribute to.

   My plan is thus:

1. Provide low cost training, low time investment training in research and development using cutting edge conceptual learning and open-source tools.

2. Using freshly trained workers convert E-waste and other waste stream products into higher value products such as consumer robotics using retro-engineering techniques and 3d-printer technology.

3. Eventually add training for energy efficiency, solar technologies, materials technologies to provide workers with the skillset to renew America's deteriorating infrastructure

4. Outsource skilled workers to growth sectors where they would use their new skills to help revitalize the American economy.

     No politician, and none of the current industries is proposing anything like what I am proposing here. This is a combined plan to reduce the waste-stream, retrain a workforce, and revitalize the crumbling infrastructure in America. If I succeed, then others will build on top of my efforts and America will move closer to our ideal land of opportunity.

   We have an exciting opportunity here to do more to help this land truly improve. I hope that you will participate and help me to do more to improve the lives of others. This will be a truly unique endeavor. I will update you all soon on the upcoming campaign.

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