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Monday, December 31, 2012

Roku's Remote Secret

Knowing that there must be alternatives to the cute but very lose-able remote included in the Roku XD 2 package, I searched to find a viable but affordable alternative. Browsing many forums, a person may think that a Harmony remote (at nearly $300) was the only alternative. I couldn't accept this. Then I found out that many people use learning remotes with varying success. Not good enough.

Then, finally, I found out about the RCA alternative. A small amount of their multi-device remotes include streaming devices, including Roku. I bought one with no shipping from for under $20 (with tax included)

Anyone wanting to purchase one of these should do it while they still can, as it is a very good remote at a very reasonable cost. The model number is RCRPS06GR. The Roku code I used with the stream/CBL button is 52371. It was relatively simple. And... I can control some television features (such as volume) and Roku features without switching modes or programming the remote. Very good value.

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